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Iphone 6s launch by christmas 2012

      So if there’s one thing that everybody wants to know about the upcoming gadgets, it’s when we are going to be able to walk into the stores and buy them. Yep, the release date is easily one of the biggest pats of marketing a new cell phone, and Apple knows exactly how to make the most of this. Not long ago, we were still speculating on when the iPhone 5 was going to be released, and pretty much everybody unanimously agreed that we would see it announced by the end of the year, with an early 2012 release date at the latest.
Since then, however, things have changed a little bit and we are now working with a slightly different scenario. As we are sure you already know, the next iPhone is not going to be the iPhone 5, but rather the iPhone 4S. While this phone is undoubtedly very cool and will be able to benefit lots of different people, it does bring the release date of the iPhone 6 back into jeopardy. Those with the ability to count correctly will be able to tell you that the iPhone 5 will have to make its debut before we can even start thinking about the iPhone 6 release date. And with the introduction of the 4S, this makes doing that a little tricky. 

      However, there are some things that we can do to get a little bit of an edge on when the iPhone 5 will come out (information we can use to determine the 6’s release date). Historically, you can see that an iPhone came out about once a year, in summer, with the exception of this newest addition. If you add up all the time in between each iPhone’s respective release date, then you would get a timespan of around 12 months (actually a little longer). So if Apple is to stay in true fashion with their iPhone release schedule as they have in the past, there is almost no hope for an iPhone 6 in 2012. With the 4S coming out October 17, that means the iPhone 5 is statistically supposed to come out late October 2012. While the possibility of Apple throwing in the iPhone 6 between then and Christmas 2012 is certainly there, it is almost non-existent.
So this would lead us to our next question which would be if we aren’t getting an iPhone 6 by Christmas 2012, then when can we expect it by? We can get an estimate by doing the same thing that we did to guess the 5’s release date. Add the average timespan in between iPhone release dates to the iPhone 5 release date and voila! We have the iPhone 6 release date at late September 2013. This is of course if everything goes according to plan from here on out, and doesn’t take into consideration production delays, or the possibility of an iPhone 5S. However, when you look at the statistics, it is a surprisingly effective way to gauge when the release date may be.
So mark your calendars for a whole 2 years from now, because that is when we can expect to see the 6th installment of the famed iPhone lineup.

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